Special Education Workshops

We are very pleased to announce that we will now be holding ongoing special education workshops for families of children with special needs covering every concern a parent may have regarding their childs' education. Such as:

My child is struggling and my district won’t help

-What you need to know/have to be eligible for a 504 or IEP

The school says my child is making progress, but I don’t see it

-How progress must be measured and monitored to be valid

My child is further behind, even with a 504/IEP

-What an appropriate 504 or IEP must have, and what constitutes an appropriate program for your child

School evals say my child is fine/how to get an IEE at district expense

-What assessments really mean, how to find gaps if they exist, and when district assessments fail to accurately identify weaknesses, what the parent/guardian’s recourse is

(Workshops participants are grouped by their needs in the application. Workshops run with groups of no more than 6 participants at a time to ensure personalized assistance. Special workshops listed on the website may have different parameters.)

Please fill out an application below and submit it to childadvocate@cox.net. If you aren't sure what help you may need feel free to reach out or browse our list of popular topics!