Consultation Information

Additional Information

The are many benefits to securing ongoing consultation services. Single hour consult services are provided to familiarize families with the special education process as it pertains to their child's special education needs. They are set up as space allows, in between appointments, and are not recurring.  

Alternatively, the retainer secures an ongoing, contractual relationship where the advocate reserves time specifically for the client. Both consult and continuing services are billed at the same hourly rate.  

For convenience, the PayPal system allows a client to be scheduled immediately at the first open availability. Sending in payment in any other fashion for a consult results in delay in scheduling, until all the funds have cleared.  

During the months of March through June, almost all existing IEP's must be reviewed, therefore new scheduling is especially problematic. If you are looking for services during these time frames, please call the office to ensure that we have availability for new clients.  

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to fill in our contact form, call, or email our office.