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Parents of children in special education with learning and other disabilities are often faced with many obstacles when it comes to receiving appropriate programming from their neighborhood school districts. Sometimes the process of having a child identified by the school district as having a disability can be physically and mentally exhausting. Sometimes parents are worn down by unproductive school meetings where the same issues are rehashed year after year without any forward progress being made.

The pursuit of appropriate educational services can often feel like another full time job that many parents feel ill-equipped to take on alone. At Child Advocacy LLC, we can help lighten your burden.


Our Philosophy


In the same way that your child is an individual, and not the sum or equivalent a set of diagnoses or disabilities, the services we provide at Child Advocacy LLC are also unique and tailored to a child's specific special education needs.

At Child Advocacy LLC we work collaboratively with a highly qualified independent credentialed service providers specifically chosen for your child's program, who can bring their expertise to your child's educational team whether in a public or private setting. 


The Reality

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are often measured, placed in categories, and compared against preset standards. 

We see this in pop culture, at our jobs, within our personal relationships, and in our children’s lives. 

Although definitions and classifications are important in the arena of educational and medical disabilities for the purpose of accessing services, it is imperative to remember that individuals are unique.  

We can’t begin to quantify factors that may influence success in one individual, where another individual in a similar situation might fail. 

No one knows YOUR child’s needs better than you! Therefore, YOU are the most important factor in this equation. You must be vigilant about advocating for what you believe your child can accomplish, against all odds.

At Child Advocacy, LLC we will help you bring together the most important pieces of the puzzle that make your child special and unique.  

We will work closely with experts across academic, medical, and legal fields, to ensure that all parties understand the individual needs of your child.

We will make sure concrete and specific special education recommendations are created for your child whether in a home, school, or outplacement setting. Then you can be confident that your child receives the free and appropriate educational services they deserve. 

Jeen Melendez, JD

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